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Hey you!

I'm Meg, the founder and designer of Valkyrie Athletic. Welcome to the blog!

Valkyrie is about more than activewear, and I’ll be using this space to talk about all things fitness, health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Posts will include insights into my own life: my training and goals, favourite healthy recipes and fitness knowledge. I’ll pack them with tips and info that you’ll be able to incorporate aspects of into your own life and training.

I'll also use the blog to document the process of building Valkyrie. I'll cover the highs and lows, processes and behind the scenes work that goes into creating a new brand.

I’m a lover of feedback, so if there’s particular topics you’d like to learn about as we go along, put a request in the comments or get in touch through the contact page or our social media channels.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Meg x

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Awesome Meg

Catherine Kelly October 27, 2020

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