The 7 Fitness Apps I Can't Live Without

As a certified PT, health, fitness and nutrition enthusiast and having worked in the fitness industry for over 5 years, I’ve tried my fair share of health and fitness apps. Here’s a short list of the ones I can’t live without!  

1 - Fitbit


From tracking your steps, to heart rate and sleep, the amount you can learn about your fitness, habits and overall health is amazing.
If you like data and stats, getting a fitness tracker is a very fun way to become more knowledgable and get motivated to improve.
I’ve tried Fitbit, Garmin and Apple watches for tracking my exercise, heart rate, sleep etc, and the Fitbit is my favourite if it’s a fitness tracker you’re after.
If you’re a runner and want above and beyond stats you may prefer a Garmin, and if you care more about the smart watch features I’d go with the Apple or Samsung watch.
One of the reasons I prefer Fitbit is because of its broad range of features, several day battery life and its app, which is intuitive, full of data and syncs with lots of other apps like MyFitnessPal for a comprehensive health summary. I also like that  it's not as connected as a true smart watch, as I like to be able to disconnect.


2 - MyFitnessPal

If you want to learn more about what’s in the food you eat and become more in control of your calories in/calories out, MFP is the way to go.
It can be a little addictive and unless you have a very specific goal (a comp prep without it is pretty much impossible) I’d only recommend using it for a few weeks here and there to gain insight.
Despite its addictive nature, if used correctly MFP is a brilliant and informative tool, one that I’ve utilised on and off for years.


3 - RepCount


Ever been mid workout and forget how many reps or sets you've done, or what exercise comes next?
If you’re into lifting weights but don’t have a good method of recording your progress and sessions, this app is essential.
One of a few good workout diary apps, RepCount is simple, easy to use and very comprehensive.
I bought the full version and use it every training session to record my weights, reps, rest periods and to compare to previous sessions.
You can save your program within the app, so when you get to the gym you can just hit start and not worry about what exercise is up next or how many sets you need to do. 
The stats are a good feature too, enabling you to see how your overall volume, strength and PBs have evolved over time.



4 - Google Sheets


Where would we be without a good old spreadsheet. From planning workout programs to tracking my progress, I’d be lost without my spreadsheets. While any spreadsheet program will do, I particularly love Google Sheets as it enables me to access my program and check-in spreadsheet anywhere. It also lets my coach access and update the shared files, and I do the same for my clients.
I’ll often use a spreadsheet in conjunction with RepCount, using the sheet as the master reference and tracker, and putting workouts into RepCount for accessibility on the gym floor.


5 - Headspace

Taking the time for your mindset and mental health can be a daunting and confusing task.
My favourite ways to de-stress and give myself a break (often from me - who else here is too hard on themselves!?) are reading, yoga and guided meditations. The Headspace app provides a simple way to get into meditation, with 2-20 minute guided meditations to help you gain mindfulness in a huge number of areas.
My favourite ways to use the app are when commuting on public transport, on a walk or before bed - times when it adds to the day rather than taking away from a busy schedule.



6 - Streaks


If, like me, you love a routine, or try to do a million things at once and get a little lost, Streaks may be for you.
It’s a habit tracking app that allows you to add fully customisable goals with a very pleasing ‘complete the ring’ tick off.
Whether your goals are health, work, social or skill related and you want to do them daily, weekly or bi-monthly, there's an option for it.
Streaks helps you stay on track, while keeping an eye on those things you want to be doing, but may have slipped your mind.



7 - Natural Cycles

For my lady readers, the Sweden based, physicist created Natural Cycles app is far more than a period tracker.
The app is an internationally registered and approved NATURAL contraception method. For the ladies that want to stop having to ingest or implant artificial hormones for years on end, Natural Cycles is a saviour, providing a natural alternative to the pill or other traditional options. Its unique insights also help you get to know your body and cycle on a whole new level.
This is obviously a very personal choice, but if you’re interested in a natural contraception option, check this one out!

Find out more, or sign up here

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Bonus 1 - Zero


The intermittent fasting trend is still prevalent, and I’m all for giving my digestive system a rest every now and then, plus using the system to help restrict calories when dieting. If fasting is something you do, be it occasionally like me or more regularly, the free Zero app is a great tool you can use to track your fasts and countdown to your next meal!




Bonus 2 - Mindbody (Aus)

If you want to try out new classes, studios and workouts in your area, MINDBODY is a great way to do so.
I used often used it in Australia for finding the occasional yoga or pilates class -without feeling the need to sign up on a plan or membership!
It’s easy to use and new great studios are being added all the time, there’s also often some great deals. I’m yet to find a UK equivalent, though my current gym has a great class selection and yoga teachers, so I haven’t felt the need, though I have heard great things about Class Pass.


So that's the list. These are my current favourite fitness apps, some of which i've used for years.
I hope you get as much out of them as I do! If you’ve got any suggestions for apps that add to your physical or mental wellbeing, or have any questions, I’d love to hear about them.
Comment below, or send me a message on social media or through the contact form.

Meg x


P.S This post isn't sponsored by any of these apps, just my opinion - take from it want :)

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