The Evolution of Wellness

What did the fitness world look like when you first got into it? What was your first class? Who first educated you on the basics of wellness?

I remember my first visit to a gym was with my high school PE class - a group of around forty girls walked to our local fitness centre to participate in classes - I think there was a spin class and Les Mills body pump on offer. It was exciting, social and very typical of what most gyms offered at the time.
And while many gyms still offer these types of classes, the fitness landscape looks entirely different now.

The classes themselves have evolved, with more types of weight training, crossfit inspired, cardio, mind and body and HIIT training available than ever before. The newest fusions incorporate the latest equipment and exercise formats.
Beyond the gym floor there’s been the boom of online classes - what used to be a few amateur videos on YouTube has spawned an online industry of video platforms, apps, training portals and digital fitness subscriptions. The classes of the future have no set location, and the ones that do are breaking all the norms.

Personal training has seen this mass movement in the last five or so years, too. Coaches no longer have to battle for new clients on the gym floor, now the competition has moved online with nearly every coach offering some kind of digital product.
More offerings on more platforms means more people finding the right way to bring fitness and wellness into their everyday. We love to see it.

Below are some of our favourites examples from small businesses we know and love, and we think you will too:

Kinesis Lab

@kinesislab_uk - Kinesis Lab

Kinesis is a truly unique online fitness platform that champions community and inclusivity. They offer live video classes called 'Labs" in multiple languages, across a range of areas - Move, Release and Nourish. 
Try their early morning ‘Flow and Go’ stretch class, ‘Barre Burn’ for a spicy ballet infused workout or a classic HIIT or Calisthenics class. Good times guaranteed.

Sculpt Space by Jordyn

@jordynsamai - Sculpt Space 

Sculpt Space is a beautifully unique personal training offering created by Jordyn Samai. She curates 7,14 or 30 day fitness plans, complete with daily check-ins, specialised specifically to your goals and preferences. It’s a collaborative, “let’s do this together” vibe that’ll have you counting down to your next session. All online, all flexible.

Valkyrie Coaching

@valkyrieathleticValkyrie Coaching

Okay called out, we had to give our own coaching platform a little mention! Valkyrie Coaching offers 1:1 coaching across fitness (think tailored home and gym programs), wellness (nutrition, daily habits and lifestyle coaching sessions) and growth (goals, branding, mindset and personal development).
We match you up with one of our coaches who we think will suit you and your goals best and offer a free consultation to help you decide which style of coaching or programming (or combination) will help you achieve your goals best. Find out more here.

These are a few that we’re really excited about, but what thrills us the most is seeing individuals like YOU who are taking steps to better themselves. To grow, to flourish, to thrive. We just share whatever we can to help you on that journey.

If you know any other small businesses and brands that are doing awesome stuff be sure to let us know - we’re always looking for new collaborators and opportunities to support others! :) 

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